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About Us

Moth design brand carries forward the legacy of 3rd generation family run business , founded by Tan’s family in Pahang, East Malaysia. It has DNA of eco friendliness and sustainability awareness when sourcing and transporting raw materials from Malaysian rainforest to end users. It is human nature to want to connect with the environment and wood is a perfect material for biophilic design. The smell and touch of wood evokes nature spirit. These wood species are carefully selected and suitable to be used for construction, door and window frames, pergolas, moulding, flooring, ceiling, furniture, joinery backing, lattices and decorative items. Wood are properly kilned dried and moisture content is checked before packing and shipment to ensure stable wood performance in any weather condition.

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Our wood species are rebranded and named after different species of Moth. Many might not know Moths are secret pollinators in the ecosystem and camouflage themselves to blend in with nature to prevent predation. Moth population is declining year to year (33% decreased over 50 year period between 1968 -2017 in britain alone). We believe this is an important initiative to raise awareness about protection of this wonderful creature which is so under studied compared to butterflies.